AA Geronimo Trigger System – Extended Reach Talon

The Geronimo Trigger System is a precision ground single-stage trigger system with zero creep, a crisp break, and a quick and positive reset. The patented MSaT technology allows for another level of customization giving the shooter the ability to change the shape and location of their trigger point. Every Geronimo Trigger system has been wire-EDM cut, stone-ground, and hand fit ahead of time making installation a simple plug-and-play affair with no additional adjustments required to achieve optimal performance. The trigger/hammer/disconnector components are made of hardened A2 tool steel to ensure long-lasting performance that doesn’t wear or round with extended use. This package also includes a set of AA max-diameter Titanium anti-walk pins ensuring that there is zero slop between your receiver and the Geronimo Trigger System. Both the AA Ultra-Light and Reliable Light Spring kits are included providing you either a 3lb or 4lb trigger pull weight and the ability to reliably shoot all types of ammunition across multiple AR-style platforms. While the Geronimo Trigger System has been designed from the ground up to offer top of the line performance, the sear interaction and hammer-reset interface were built on the tried and true USGI M16/M4 fire control design ensuring that the installation, maintenance, and reliability of the Geronimo Trigger System is a proven winner.


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  • Single Stage Trigger with zero-creep, a crisp break, and a quick positive reset A2 Tool Steel Hammer/Trigger/Disconnector precision EDM-cut, ground, and hand fit Hand stoned over-travel eliminator
  • Curved/Extended Trigger Shoe with Ambi-chamfers and no-slip texturing
  • Patented MSaT Interchangeable trigger shoe platform
  • Interchangeable spring sets adjust from a 3 to 4lb pull weight
  • AA Max Diameter Titanium Anti-Walk Pins
  • Ultra-Light 1.8 ounces assembled weight including pins
  • Works with AR15, AR10, and AR9 platforms
  • Veteran Owned, American Made

Included Items:

  • Curved/Extended Trigger Shoe with Ambi-chamfers and no-slip texturing
  • Lightweight Race Hammer made from Hardened A2 Tool Steel
  • MSaT Trigger body made from hardened A2 Tool Steel with hand-ground overtravel pin Wire
  • EDM’d skeletonized disconnector made from A2 tool hardened steel and polished
  • AA Max-Diameter Anti-Walk Titanium Pin Set (Gold)
  • AA Ultra-light Hammer Spring AA Reliable-Light Hammer Spring
  • AA Lightweight Trigger
  • Spring Set Screw, Drift Pin, Disconnector Spring, Allen Wrench, Torx Wrench, and instructions included

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