Compact Short-Reach Talon – Geronimo Trigger System


Geronimo Trigger – Compact Engagement Talon

Designed to offer the shooter a whole new level of trigger customization, the Geronimo Trigger System is a complete fire control system that requires no adjustments or special skills to install.  The Geronimo Trigger System features our patented M-SAT Technology allowing the shooter to change the very shape and feel of their trigger to fit their shooting style, hand size, single stage trigger system.  To adjust the weight of pull, the Geronimo Trigger system comes with different color coded springs that can be easily swapped out to receive the shooters desired pull weight.  Each of the fire control components are individually hand stoned by the experts at Airborne Arms – this painstaking attention to detail allows shooters of all skill levels access to an elite competition grade single stage trigger system with out the need for the installer to calibrate or adjust components to achieve performance.  The Geronimo Trigger System is a no-nonsense single stage trigger that breaks cleanly without additional stage movement or “creep.”  The hand stoned overtravel eliminator ensures that your trigger finger stops moving once the hammer falls.  In addition to extremely fast split times between shots perfect for close quarters situations, this overtravel eliminator enhances the ability of the mid to long range shooter to both see where their rounds impact, and minimize sight picture movement for more accurate follow up shots.  The Interchangeable trigger shoes (additional shoes sold separately) allow the Geronimo Trigger system to be modified and updated to fit the individuals shooting style, hand size, and mission parameters.  The Geronimo Trigger System comes with Oversized anti walk pins and two hammer springs to choose from which change the triggers pull from 3lbs (yellow spring) to 4 lbs (red spring), and a light weight trigger spring.  While the Geronimo Trigger System’s performance is competition grade, it has been deliberately designed to operate in a similar manor as the proven USGI M16/M4 fire control group ensuring that the installation, maintenance, and reliability of your Geronimo Trigger System is a proven winner.   The Airborne Arms Geronimo Trigger system is an excellent pairing with any AR15, AR10, AR9, etc. and will improve your shooting experience in a variety of calibers.  As always, Veteran owned and made in the USA.

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