Compact Short-Reach Talon Trigger Shoe


Trigger Shoe Compact Talon

Designed with the goal of moving the trigger face as far rearward as possible, the Compact Talon Trigger Shoe allows for an extremely comfortable shooting experience with an ergonomic fit that puts the trigger bow where the shooter needs it.  Like other Geronimo Trigger System shoes, this trigger shoe lowers the shooters finger placement to allow for an easier pull that doesn’t come at the expense of the hammers strike force (thanks Archimedes).  The Compact Talon Trigger Shoe is designed to work with any size trigger guard and give the shooter the optimal feel when firing.  The Compact Talon Trigger shoe is excellent for any shooting style, but greatly improves performance for the precision shooter and will work with any Airborne Arms Geronimo Trigger system.  As always, Veteran owned and made in the USA.

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